Timbali -"Yes I did receive it. I love it. Thanks so much -   I couldn't have selected abetter gift for Romeo
  and I am sure he is going to love it also."--Peace and Blessings, Kat.

Got it tonight Bro off the chain not just look but the sound too like the bottom piece.  yea will def. be recording some things with this, 

Peace Ekendra

Hey Tim-
I got the Shaker…. looks great!!
Thank you-Ray Chew.

Timbali, I would say that you have out done yourself with the chekere, but producing quality products is what you do. Everything you do is on another level and that’s what everyone appreciates about you. Much success in the present

Delton Davis


Beautiful work and it sounds great!
Thank you.


Thanks bro, it sounds and looks amazing!

Kevin Ricard



A List of the Many Great Percussionist the play a Bali Shekere



Tim “timbali” Cornwell

Ron Powell

Richie Garcia

Roland Garcia

Ekendra Das

Taku  Hirno

Kevin Ricard

Munyungo Jackson

Delton Davis

Angelo Rodriguez

Kenny Hudson

Bradley Simmons

Ernie Becquer

Gary Stanionis

Milton Comeaux Jr.

Will Fry

David Leach

Ed Cartwright Jr.

Nana Obrafo Yaw

Vince Wilburn Jr.

Ron Hustleman Harris

Juliosaurus Rex

Darius Fentress

Ray Chew

Mike Hamnett

Asan Lioness

Walfredo Reyes Jr.

BJ Smith

Lea Mullen

Arthur Vincent

Dan lai

Mark Brazil

Aaron Draper

Micheal Fondren

Hafez Harris





Henry Brun

Alvic malish

Jack McCarthy

Adam kovac

Charalampos Tsirekas

Kenny Johnson














Patriot Shekere

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Colors red/white/blue
Row 25 single
Ring 18″
circumference 32.5″
Intervals 1/2″
weight 1.2lb
Height 13″
Design sport
beads 900 total
string blue
thickness 1/4″

Africa 3 Shekere

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ROW 32 s

RING 18″

interv. 1/2″

CIR   30 1/2  32  W/B


WEIGHT  1.10

STRING black

THICK 3/8′

T BEAD  1152

color-black green red

Yamaya 5 Shekere

Posted by on May 19, 2018 in Religious Theme | 0 comments

colors  blue and white

ROW 20 d

RING 18.5″

interv. 5/8″

CIR 32.1/4 w/b

HEIGHT 14.5″

WEIGH 1.12 lbs

STRING white

THICK 3/8′

T BEAD  1260

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More Sets of 3 Shekeres

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X-large: Caja

Med/large:  Segunda

Small: Uno

bloco 2 shekere

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Rows 17 d

RING 16.8″

interv. 5/8″

CIR   28 1/2  W/B



STRING green

THICK 3/8′

T BEAD  952


Triple chocolate

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color   gold/ivory/brown/amber

ROW 29 s

RING 18″

interv. 1/2″

CIR   36 w/b


WEIGH 1.10lb

STRING brown

THICK 3/8′

T BEAD  1044

Earth tone Shekere

Posted by on Apr 3, 2018 in Religious Theme | 0 comments

color:   brown and natural black wood beads

ring                      18″

rows                    26s

height                 16″

circumference 36″ w/b

interval              5/8″

weight                  1.12Lbs

string     black

total beads     780

Shango 4

Posted by on Mar 29, 2018 in Religious Theme | 0 comments

Rows-26 single
Ring- 20″
circumference- 36" W/B
neck-     2.5″
Intervals-    1/2″
Height-    16.5″
Design-    religous
beads-1040 total
string- red

Elegua 4 Shekere

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color:       red and black wood beads

ring                       21.5″

rows                    25s

height                 18″

circumference    34.5″ w/b

interval              5/8″

weight                  1.14Lbs

total beads        900

burgundy gold shekere

Posted by on Mar 18, 2018 in Sports theme, Traditional | 0 comments

color  burgandy/gold/natural

ROW27 s

RING 18″

interv. 5/8″

CIR 34″w/b


WEIGH 1.5lb


THICK 3/8′

T BEAD 960