Yvette Summers Signature Shekere 1

My signature one of a kind hand made shekere will bring Smiles to you and everyone around you. Having one of my signatures shekere will immediately bring life to your favorite music. It’s nothing like having a functional creation of nature with a wide variety of uses and traditions in cultures around the world. When you purchase one of my signatures shekere’s you will receive one free lesson so that you too can start activating smiles all around you. Send me a personal message at thesmileactivator@gmail.com to receive your first lesson.

Product Information

Order YSS 1 signature 1 @ $250.00

ITEM [290]

Colors- Ivory/black/ gold
Rows- 32 single
Ring- 21.5″
circumference-34″ W/B
neck- 3″
Intervals- 1/2″
weight- 1.14lb
Height- 17″
Design- custom
beads- total 1300
string- black
thickness- 3/8″